Guided by relentless focus, J & W will constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives to achieve our vision. Achievements of this organization are the result of the united effort of each individual. We are dedicated to serving our customers with a passion which exceeds their expectations. With honesty, integrity and commitment to the business, J & W strives to be your choice.

Dedication. Passion. Honesty. Integrity.
The pressure is on us.


J&W Services and Equipment Company, Inc. was incorporated in 1980 by Bill Jones and Bill White, who were the
original founders.  The company had remained relatively flat in regards to growth, for several years and both owners
at the time were content with the business level they had established, with annual revenue at approximately $1.5M.  I
purchased the company the end of 1999 and we began a very aggressive marketing approach to grow our revenue,
customer base and product lines while providing excellent service to our growing customer base.  Within an 18 month
period we had succeeded in all three areas and began to draw interest from some of the major wellhead companies, one
of which was Cooper Cameron.  As a result, we entered into an Asset Sale Agreement with Cameron and the deal was
finally consummated in March of 2003, and Cameron took over operations at that time.  While the results of the sale
were monetarily beneficial, I had not accomplished what I had set out to do with J&W Services and Equipment Co., Inc.
I began building J&W Services once again in November 2003 with the purchase of Sumrall Oilfield Supply.  Again, with a
very aggressive attack on the market, and through mergers and acquisitions we have been able to grow the company
from approximately $1.3M in annual revenue and 5 employees to an annual revenue of approximately $48M and 85
employees by early 2004.  This was accomplished through the acquisitions of Wright-Way Machine Shop, and SNS
Machine Shop, both located in Odessa, Texas.  These two acquisitions were positioned with our current company
structure as lateral integration’s into our daily operations and these two machine shops were moved to our current
location and housed in one shop, which today is BlaCon Machine Shop.
J & W Services and Equipment Company has many years of experience in the oilfield industry, and we are
passionate in the service that we provide.  The company was founded on excellent service, and dedication
to the customer base that was established.  We took this solid foundation and expanded our customer base through
additional products and services that we could provide.  Today, J & W is a company that manufactures, rebuilds, rents
and services products used in the exploration, production and drilling business.  We have diversified into eight different
divisions, with locations in Guymon, Oklahoma, Snyder, Bridgeport, Aledo, and Midland, Texas.  The divisions that
we currently operate under are J & W Wellhead; which serves any application that requires wellhead applications and
field service work, Lone Star Valve Rentals servicing any rental applications for frac valves, BOPs, accumulators, DSAs’
and flanges, Raider Electric Feed-Thru servicing the sub-pump industry for wellheads, flanges, and pigtails.  Through
our division Desert Drilling Products, we sale & service the Drilling Contractor with new and used BOPs, accumulators,
choke & kill manifolds, and rental BOPs.  Desert Drilling Products also has field service technicians on call 24/7 to meet
any field service requirements that the customer may have.  BlaCon Machine Shop is another division in which we offer
a full line of machining capabilities to our customers.  J & W Mobile Parts Service is an evolving business opportunity
for our company in which we are focusing on the drilling rigs themselves.  We make weekly rounds to the drilling rigs in
our area and offer parts such as; ring gaskets, studs & nuts, seals, small flanges etc.  Along with our initial offerings with
this service, we also accommodate customer requests on an as needed basis. We also have a preventative maintenance
service, which operates under the name, J&W Field Valve Greasing.  This division offers customized PM programs
for those customers interested in field maintenance of production trees and valves currently installed in the field.  In
addition to providing this service to the production side of the business, this service is also available for pipeline valves.
Full Moon Trucking is our trucking division that we offer full service trucking needs for our customers, whether it’s a long
distance haul or a local, short distance run, we can accommodate your needs.  Depending upon the requirements for the
load, we have gin-poles, flatbeds, monorails, and goose-necks available to accommodate the load.
LynCo Distributors, LLC serves as the distributor for not only our internal equipment requirements, but we also have this
equipment available on a wholesale basis for supply houses, and other wellhead companies.
At J & W Services and Equipment Company, it is our goal to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.  Whether it’s low
pressure low spec, or high pressure, high spec, we will dedicate all of our resources to meeting your wellhead
requirements.  At J & W Services and Equipment Company, we can suit all of your wellhead needs, supply you with standard
wellheads or custom fabricate products for your specific requirements.  The staff at J & W consists of some of the best in
the industry.  We have an Operations Manager that is dedicated to fulfilling our customers needs, ensuring that nothing is
overlooked.  Our Quality Control Manager ensures that our quality system is current and that the customer is getting the
very best equipment with trouble-free installation.
The Shop Foreman reviews every order and makes sure that it is completed in a timely manner.
Our knowledgeable Field Service Technicians are available 24/7 to install, maintain, and troubleshoot your equipment.
The valve technicians are capable of repairing any valve from 1,000 PSI to 15,000 PSI.  Our test booth is designed with
the capability to produce pressures up to 25,000 PSI with nitrogen gas to ensure your valves are up to the demanding
rigors of the oil and gas industry.
J&W Services has been in business since 1980 and under new management since 1999.  Brent Beck, President
and CEO, purchased J&W in December 1999 through an asset purchase and the name J&W was retained because of
its industry reputation for high quality service and good customer relations.  Brent began to surround himself with the best
people in the market from sales and service, and continued to build the company in this manner while staying well aware
of the importance of staying very thin in the area of management.  The philosophy behind this concept is his belief in
Customers First, Employees Second and Stockholders Last, and with each employee buying into this philosophy, the
company would continue to grow by servicing the customer over and above their expectations.  Beginning in 2004, Brent
began to build a team of upper management consisting of a CFO, COO, VP of Sales, Quality Control Manager and
Purchasing and Inventory Control Manager.  This team consists of over 75 years of experience in the industry.  The
company has grown from 5 field and shop employees to over 100 employees today.
In December of 2003 with the acquisition of Sumrall Oilfield Supply offered additional opportunities as well as providing
the platform to broaden our customer base.  The culture that existed within the company as well as our aggressive
approach we maintained moving forward as a company brought many opportunities for growth, beginning with accelerated
revenues as well as acquisition possibilities.  We began putting together strategies for this growth and the end result
was  to laterally integrate companies with our current structure to enhance our bottom as well as broadening our
offerings to our customers by becoming a full line service company with our product lines.  We merged with Raider
Services and Equipment Company, which broadened our customer base from the start and brought skilled employees
to assist in our growth.  With a significant increase in business we found our outside machining costs going up and
needed to get this aspect of our business under control.  As a result we acquired a machine shop, built a 7,500 sq. ft.
shop to accommodate this division, which is located at our current location.  The ability to assist in our wellhead brought
operations from a machining standpoint was accomplished, but we still had a gap in our machining capabilities without
CNC machines, and recently completed a second 7,500 sq. ft. machine shop.    SNS Machine Shop in Odessa had a
a relationship with some of our existing customers, specifically our EFT customers and they were primarily operating
CNC machines, so we acquired SNS in early 2005.  Within 4 months we had relocated SNS into our existing machine
shop facility and now had the ability to realize the full impact the lateral integration concept offered to each division within
By integrating specialized services and adding quality people in these areas, we are positioned to accommodate our
customers needs with quality equipment while providing the exceptional service expected from J&W Services.
We are very passionate when it comes to our customers, providing them with exceptional service over and above their
expectations, and we maintain constant awareness to ensure the safety of each person involved with a job, along with
a quality product to meet the customer’s specific needs.
We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship with you by providing you with EXCEPTIONAL
SERVICE and our wide range of equipment offerings for many years to come.