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Drilling Products

J&W’s Desert Drilling Product’s division offers a wide variety of products & services with one goal in mind, to meet and exceed customer expectations. J&W’s DDP division offers field & shop service, sales, and rental on all blow out preventer related equipment. Our un-matched fleet of dsa’s, spools, valves, elastomers, and everything in between, allows J&W to provide a reliable & safe service in a very cost and time effective manner. J&W prides itself in minimizing NPT (Non-Productive Time) and maximizing efficiencies for our clients.

J&W’s rental inventory includes a wide variety of spools, dsa’s, flowcrosses, knuckle boom truck rentals, hydraulic torque wrenches, annulars, single, double, and triple bop’s all ranging from 2-1/16” 5M to 13-5/8” 10M and more. Our diverse product line and exceptionally competent personnel allows J&W to successfully provide a quality service for drilling, completion, production, & fishing operations. J&W’s highly trained field personnel can troubleshoot and service closing unit accumulators, pulsation dampeners, choke manifolds, & all needed services on the BOP stack.

J&W’s Desert Drilling Product’s division will go above and beyond our customers’ expectations to ensure an elite product and service. Our safety team and API licensing has become an important asset to our growth and quality of service, ensuring each customer is more than satisfied with their return on investment when calling J&W Services for their service needs!

Our Drilling Product Services:

  • 24-Hour Field Service
  • 24-Hour Shop Services
  • Full BOP Stack Redress & Repair
  • Accumulator Inspection & Certifications
  • BOP Stacks & Annular Repair & Service
  • Pulsation Dampener Service
  • Choke Manifold Greasing Inspection & Certifications
  • Valve Service & Repair
  • Knuckle Boom Truck Rentals
  • Torque & Test
  • Nipple Up/Down Crews
  • Sales, OEM Elastomers, Flanges, Bolts & Rings, Valves, & all Iron
  • Choke Manifold Fabrication & Modifications
  • Closing Unit Accumulator Fabrication & Modifications

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