J and W Services

Who We Are

Exceptional service, integrity, quality work, and professional expertise—it is on this foundation that the J&W Services and Equipment Company was established nearly three decades ago.

While we adapt to the changing times, the evolution of our industry, and new technologies, it is on that foundation we continue to build our business—a foundation we will always remain true to.

J&W Services and Equipment Company was originally established in 1980. With a reputation as a stable business specializing in reliable work, it remained in the founders’ hands until 1999. When current ownership acquired J&W Services and Equipment Company in the late 90s, we focused on maintaining that foundation while breathing new life into the business to reach more customers through exceptional services.

The result? A consistently evolving, ever-thriving company who continues to put customers first, grows with the industry, and employs quality, reliable, and skilled professionals in order to create a team we’re not just happy with, but proud to have representing our name.

What began as a reliable, yet modest set up in the early 1980s has been carefully grown into an industry giant that manufactures, rebuilds, rents, and services products used in the exploration, production, and drilling businesses and serves five different divisions with locations spanning Texas.

J&W Services and Equipment Company has seen several iterations and evolutions over the last three decades—from mindfully and thoughtfully growing our team of employees from 5 to over 100, to adding on new, niche services, to expanding our services across the state of Texas.

But no matter what services we’ve added (or will continue to add), no matter what type of marketing approach we’ve chased, and no matter what audience we’ve reached out to, one thing remains true—the pressure is on us to provide you with the best services, equipment offerings, and professionalism we can offer.

That pressure is everything to us. That’s never changed for J&W Services and Equipment Company—and it never will.

What We Stand For

J&W Services and Equipment Company, we believe in more than just providing you with quality services—we believe in relentless focus, in striving to reach our vision, and in creating a united team through skilled, professional individuals.

For J&W Services and Equipment Company, our business stands on four pillars—dedication, passion, honesty, and integrity.

Not only are we dedicated to serving our customers with passion, heart, and professionalism, but also, with values that every person deserves—honesty, integrity, and a commitment to our industry. At J&W Services and Equipment Company, it’s about more than just well drilling, safety services, valve repair, rental equipment, or custom fabrication—it’s about being a quality, honest, and dependable company that you can rely on and be proud to work with time and time again.