J and W Services

API 6A Wellhead Systems offered by J & W

JW-100 Series:
Conventional Wellhead Systems
– Flanged & Screwed Connection Options
– (2,000 psi – 15,000 psi)

JW-200 Series
Multi-Bowl Wellhead Systems
– 2 / 3-Piece Systems
– (2,000 psi – 15,000 psi)

JW-300 Series Unitized Internal Latch Wellhead Systems
– Pinless Wellhead
– (2,000 psi – 15,000 psi)

JW-DP1 Series Application Specific
– Engineered System
– Customizable Application – (2,000 psi – 15,000 psi)

Wellhead Services & Field Services

Big or small, we can help tackle your wellhead needs with our comprehensive, established wellhead services. Whether you’re looking for a low pressure, low spec fix or a high pressure, high spec job, J&W Services and Equipment Company is there for you.

Our wellhead services are comprehensive, serving any application that requires wellhead applications and field service work.

From supplying you with standard wellhead equipment and customizing uniquely-fabricated products fitting your specifications to repairing, testing, and maintaining wellhead equipment, there’s nothing our expert staff cannot assist you with.

At J&W Services and Equipment Company, our top priority is achieving 100% customer satisfaction—that means we’re proud to dedicate all of our resources, attention, and expertise toward your project, every time.

We’re proud to have a leading-edge when it comes to equipment alongside our tireless engineers working with our in-house API-6A licensed machine shop to create some of the most innovative gear in the industry.

Our team is composed of the best in the industry. Your order will undergo expert scrutiny from our operations manager, our quality control manager, our foreman, and more to ensure that not only are your needs met in a timely manner, but you’re receiving top-quality service every single time.

In our three decades as an oilfield service company, J&W Services and Equipment Company continues to ensure that your needs remain our specialty. 

Our Wellhead Services

  • Field Service Technicians available 24/7 to install, maintain, and troubleshoot equipment
  • Valve repair of any kind—from 1,000 PSI to 15,000 PSI
  • Knowledge & experience in the multi-bowl unconventional wellhead system, a design created to be quicker and more efficient than the conventional wellhead systems
  • Custom fabrication of products meeting unique specifications
  • Testing up to 25,000 PSI with nitrogen gas to ensure ring gaskets, pressure control, and valves are up to industry standard
  • Customer property and inventory management and utilization
  • Repair, remanufacture, and testing of all standard wellhead equipment, including flanged valves, lubricators, casing heads, nuts and bolts, ring gaskets, and more

Interested in learning more about J&W’s Wellhead Services?

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