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Wellhead Feed-Thru & Enhanced Recovery Services

Our comprehensive wellhead feed-thru service division is focused on providing all-inclusive, end-to-end services for the submersible water pump industry for wellheads, flanges, pigtails, and so much more.

At J&W Services and Equipment Company, we can provide a wide array of services or products—from a simple cable pack-off assembly to the most complex system requiring a Class 1 Division 1 rating, we can proudly and effectively accommodate any and all needs you might have.

As an authorized distributor for BIW Connector Systems, we use our 35 years of experience to furnish high-quality wellhead power feed-thru systems for a variety of applications (oilfield and beyond).

Most important of all, at J&W Services and Equipment Company, we understand that time is money—that’s why we also offer our wellhead feed-thru services to customers 24/7 with highly trained, service technicians alongside this service to ensure enhanced recovery when it matters most.

With expert services alongside customer satisfaction every time, we firmly believe that through dedication, expertise, and a commitment to not just meeting but exceeding your goals, we are the perfect fit for your wellhead feed-thru needs.

Our Wellhead Feed-Thru Services

  • 40+ years of experience furnishing high-quality wellhead power feed thru systems for oil field applications and beyond
  • Full line of wellheads for submersible water and well pump application
  • On-call, expert field service technicians available 24/7 to accommodate any needs and provide enhanced recovery
  • Full line of comprehensive services and products for the sub-pump industry for wellheads, flanges, pigtails, BIW connector systems, and more
  • Authorized distributor for BIW Connector Systems


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